Monday 3 October 2011

One of those silly questions!

Do you ever get one of those silly questions stuck in your head?  It all started in the week, with an impromptu trip to Aldi.  I know Luke (and I) like those round biscuits with chocolate in the middle that disolve as soon as they touch a cup of tea.  So later in the week, whilst dunking a biscuit, I began to wonder, what is it that makes some biscuits go all mushy so quickly, yet others just don't?

Initially I thought it might be the fat content, so those with high fat content, as the heat hits the biscuit, the fat loosens the structure of the biscuit. Then I thought it might be capillary action, so the finer the particles in the biscuit structure, the more liquid gets pulled in, and makes it mushy.

I can feel plenty of experimenting coming on, but I thought to save myself, and my waistline I would first ask here if anyone had any thoughts or hypotheses on this subject!  In fact if anyone fancies joining me in a fun experiment, or get the kids to join in, (all in the name of science you understand ;) ) then let me know!!

Hope this week is full of fun for you all, and not too many silly, niggling questions!!


  1. I look forward to seeing your experiments and results, sounds like fun :-)

  2. I have no idea... but I too am now wandering lol!!

  3. I would imagine it's the fat content, based on cooking experience. I wouldn't be able to test the theory personally being on a very strict diet (too many biscuit tasting sessions already!) but it sounds a lot of fun for the kiddies to try out!

  4. Hmm, good point. I think I will need a lot more research before I come up with the answer (om nom nom nom) xxx


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