Wednesday 12 October 2011

Granny Stripe strife

 You know the Granny Stripe blanket I am working on?  Well, I hit a snag!  When I did the foundation chain I didn't think to measure it against the bed!!  So, 16 stripes in I thoughts Id better make sure it was ok, as it seemed a bit big.  Our bed is a king size bed, and just look how much I overestimated the length!!  So I am now faced with the idea of either starting again (which would be heartbreaking) or trying to salvage this one by cutting it, and retying the ends.  I am sure it won't be as easy as it sounds!  I was wondering of any of you more experienced crochet-ers (better than hookers!) could advise me the best way to do this

Some other stuff I've been up to this week is knitting a hat for Sophie for the winter. A rainbow hat, which actually ended up fitting me, but is nice and baggy on Sophie, which is how she likes things.  (Please excuse the state of her face, she had been refusing to wear it, and when Grandad threatened to wear the hat she plonked it on her head, so I quickly snapped a photo, before she changed her mind, if I'd had more time I would have cleaned her face!!)
 Can just about see the green and blue on the top of the hat.
Unfortunately there hasn't been much time for reading, too much produce to try and process from the allotment!!

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things and her lovely yarn along.


  1. Ohhh I love both, so so colourful!!

  2. I love little dirty faces :)
    Hope someone can help you with the blanket dilemma - it looks fab. xxx

  3. I did the same thing with my granny stripe blanket, but i didnt have the heart to do anything to it, so it is just huge!

  4. Erbitrude, is it manageable on the bed? I just worry it will be too heavy.

  5. Love the colour scheme for the granny stripe,put together so well. How many trebles are you working in each row? I hink I'm doing 100-105 (can't remember exactly) and it goes side to side on our kingsize bed with an over hang of about 12" each side, which frtunately is just what I was aiming for. I'm working in DK with a 4mm hook. Sorry if you don't want the info, just offering a comparison. Would you be able to cut through your rows (eek) and then tie off the ends? At the starting edge of course :)
    I imagine as it is it will be wonderfully cosy, although if you're planning on edging it then that's even more width to consider......
    Whatever you do I think it will look great.
    Oh the hat is lovely too, and Sophie is such a cutie.
    Thanks foe the comment the other day too :)

  6. (hehehe I like hooker best... crochet-er in my head always sounds like "crotch -eter" ;-) )

    I personally would leave the blanket long. You could try cutting through and tying off..but it's not that easy a task to do and keep the edge straight; although of course you could tidy any unieveness up when you edge the peice.

    I assume you're working in DK? I don't think it will be excessively heavy, hun and if winter is anywhere near as cold as last year.. it will be most welcome, i am sure :-)

  7. That is so funny - just what is down there?


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