Wednesday 3 November 2010

Poorly eyes

Alec was sent home from school yesterday as he was complaining of his eye itching. Typical! He has had an eye that has looked really sore all half-term but wasn't bothering him in the slightest, so we let it be, hoping it would sort itself out. But as soon as he returns to school, with it actually looking better (due to magic mummy milk!) it starts to bother him. And school won't let him back unless it is being treated with drops (I don't think Mummy milk qualifies for that :( )

Anyway, once home he is feeling much better, so I get an afternoon with a bit of extra time for him, which I love! We delivered pumpkin soup to his grandparents, then returned home to play with non-Newtonian fluids (aka cornflour and water.)

I could play with this stuff for hours! As could Alec and Sophie!

And then a spot of baking. Cheese scones.
I do love it when they are "poorly"

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  1. Isn't cornflour and water fun! Oh how I miss having mummy milk, it's such a cure all! Those cheese scones look very tasty. I used to be good at scones, but have had no luck recently. Your pictures have made me decide to try again, they look too good!


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