Tuesday 30 November 2010

Here's one for you!

Sat around the dinner table the other night, and for the umpteenth time I had asked Luke to stop playing with the candles! But we then started looking and thinking about the flame, and the candles, and what exactly was happening there.

Multiple theories abounded, from the wax acting as an inhibitor, slowing the burning of the wick down, allowing it to burn completely, to something within the wax acting as a fuel, because when it is melted it will allow a piece of burnt wood (ie a spent match) to catch light really quickly, and once the wax is gone, it no longer burns. However wax will not burn by itself, so cannot be a fuel. Where does the wax go?

I don't think we came to any conclusions, but could see and understand the other points of view. Ethan could not understand why we were so concerned about the candle and flame, and kept coming to tell us to stop (the meal had long ended, and it was Stuart, Mum, Luke and I who were still sat in the candlelight debating).

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any other theories, or could actually shed some light on this (sorry for the pun, couldn't be helped!) And as for candle-lit dinners, they are wonderful!


  1. http://home.howstuffworks.com/question267.htm

  2. Thank you for that, it has answered lots of questions!

  3. Googling is fine, but isn't it good to think in this way together? xx

  4. Have you seen the Happy Scientist website? There are some simple experiments with candles on there. Not sure if there was one to answer your question but certainly good fun.

    Love the Ice art and your photo's are beautiful.

    Snowy blessings,


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