Tuesday 9 February 2010

The joy of being ill

This last week four of us have been fighting off a stinker of a head cold. You would think there would be much whinging and whining, and granted there has been a fair share of that, but it has also given us all space to just "be", and to find blessings in the quiet.

Organising the larder, so things can be seen, and making meal plans, which is wonderfully liberating.

Finishing books that have sat for too long, untouched. And finding inspiration in their pages.
Finding beautiful words written by Luke, now displayed for all to see, rather than languishing in a pile of paper.
Making dishcloths, strangely rewarding

An evening of making paper aeroplanes.


  1. Beautiful!

    PS - With you on the dishcloths, how wonderful.

  2. Hope everyone gets rid of the colds soon.
    I've been knitting several dishcloths recently too, very useful and quick to knit up.
    Lovely selection of books too, I often have several on the go all around the house.

  3. Hope your bugs are gone soon, but I love the things you've been making, especially the dishcloths!

  4. I love using cloths that I have knitted myself. Lovely post - Lukes poem was a delight. xx

  5. Hope the cold flies away on one of those paper planes.

    Flying paper planes is fun, and when it is done together it is usually My plane flew higher than yours. Adds to the fun.

  6. I think your philosphy is great. I spent ten weeks recovering from a torn ligament. I agree with you that if you can find a blessing in every situation life is so much easier!


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