Thursday 3 December 2009


Yesterday evening, we did the advent candle and book, then the boys settled down to play on the Wii for a while, whilst I made blueberry muffins and tea. The fact that all three boys were playing together was in itself lovely. No interruptions from friends calling, the darkness outside wrapping itself around our house like a blanket.

Sophie was beginning to get a little tired as she hadn't had a nap that afternoon, and once again, I was a little late with tea. I felt bad having to call on the boys to try to entertain her whilst I got the pasta bake in the oven, but they rose to the challenge. I had expected just Luke to occupy her, but all three of them decided to turn off the Wii and got the wooden blocks and the farm set out and entertained her well beyond the time I needed. In fact, Sophie decided she'd had enough and the boys carried on playing with her toys.

This is what family life is all about, time, quiet time, working together. This is just to acknowledge that it does work sometimes (not all the time by any stretch of the imagination!), and for that I am grateful!


  1. I love it when it all works nicely and everyone is helpful and kind, it far out weighs the evenings when I want to shut them all in a cupboard (usually towrd the end of the school week)!

  2. Yes I agree, sometimes I have to ask my older ones to play with the little ones when I am up to my eyes in something. It doesn't always work out harmoniously, but when it does, it's lovely and a joy to watch.


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