Sunday 20 December 2009

Getting excited!!!

The Christmas spirit is now with us! Everyone has broken up, we can live at our pace now, no more getting up hours before dawn to get everyone packed off to their various locations of day-time occupation! We can see friends, and generally chill out!

The finishing touches are being made to presents, and new ideas already being formed for next Christmas!! And to top it off it has snowed! I don't think I have ever felt this Christmas-sy, perhaps it is to do with making far more gifts this year.

We are heading west for Christmas. Meeting up with Stuart's sister and her family, and staying in a cottage with my parents-in-law, my Mum and her dog. And hopefully by brother will be visiting too. A week on the coast on the Llyn Peninsula. The same cottage we stayed in last year. Although this year, I think there will be far more running about after a certain little somebody who will have a whole new environment to explore. New cupboard, new stairs, a fire, Rayburn, the sea! She'll have a whale of a time!

I hope everyone has a peaceful (in the loosest sense of the word!) Christmas, and enjoy the celebrations.

See you in the New Year.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Christmas, hope you and the family all have a wonderful time, best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, hugs Clair xx

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas, Claire - sounds like it will be a special time for you all xx


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