Tuesday 17 November 2009

money, money, money...

Whilst Alec was off from school yesterday recovering from a tummy upset, I thought it would be an interesting task to count all the loose change (2p's and 1p's) that have been accumulating over the years so we could put them to good use. In fact I told him we would split the total amount between the three boys.

I was suprised how he took to this, and he sat there for a good couple of hours in total piling up the coins into 10p groups. We looked at different ways of counting it all, i.e individually, in 10's, 50's etc. We looked at the dates which lead to a discussion about decimilisation. We looked at the changing pictures on the coins. But the thing he was most proud about was he did it all by himself.

To date he has counted £16.80 which is pretty impressive!

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  1. Fantastic way to spend some time when feeling poorly, might do this ourselves later as have Imogen resting on the sofa again today.
    We haven't emptied our bottle of change in a while, thanks for the idea.
    Hope he's feeling better today.


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