Sunday 1 November 2009

Is it really worth it?

I seem to have spent alot of time recently doing fruitless things! Stuart mentioned the other day how I get very little return for all the effort I seem to put into things. On a day like today, it is really disheartening. From the NCT sale where I made £3.90 to baking cakes galore for Halloween and nothing getting touched.

It should be the enjoyment of the task that is all that is required to make something worthwhile, but is it worth it when it means you are exhausted and not spending time with the family. I am contemplating not bothering baking for things like this again, and just doing what other people do and pop to the shops, at least I've lost nothing in time.

When I am in a more positive frame of mind I can see past the "return" side of things and just appreciate the "doing" of it. It also makes me appreciate the effort that goes into the things around me, and how something that can look simple can have many hours of labour behind it.

However, when I'm in a mood like this, I just feel a little hard done by! I think I ought to go back to bed!


  1. ((hug))
    I think with a busy family life it is important to avoid trying to do more and more. I was going to bake some biscuits for trick or treaters, but bought lollies from Lidl instead. We all need a rest sometimes, and for me there is no pleasure in being unappreciated!

  2. I second what Shazronnie says with bells on!! We compromised with the Halloween cakes - we bought plain buns and then iced and decorated them ourselves. I just couldn't have baked all that amount of buns AND iced them all AND cut the pumpkins AND all the decorations etc. You are only human and your energy reserves are not infinite.

    I'm guilty of doing too much and then feeling exhausted and a bit taken for granted. The help is always there, I just try to do too much on my own and fail. The key is to prioritise, make the extra effort for the special things and compromise on the others. For today though, you sound exhausted and I prescribe an afternoon of resting with cuppa and magazine and treating yourself to some well-deserved rest!

  3. Sending you a big hug and hope that you are feeling a little brighter. You and your family come first and foremost - no-one else. xxxx

  4. It took me many years to learn this lesson - even now I have to stop myself and say - is this really what I want to be doing or something like that. Lots of hugs xxx

  5. Hugs, I feel for you, I have often been caught up in the same cycle!

    It is really hard sometimes when you have put all your effort into something and it simply isn't appreciated!

    I now say to myself, just because I can do it doesn't mean i should!

    Take care of yourself


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