Tuesday 10 November 2009

Communication and music

I find this age of toddlerhood so amazing, they are absorbing everything, making sense of it, and copying. Sophie has many ways of making herself understood, from getting a cup and taking it to the fridge for some water, to nodding her head when she eats something tasty, to lying herself across my lap for a feed!

She now has one consistent word that she uses in context, and that is "goch" pronounced like scottish pronunciation of loch. It means "hot". She will declare something is goch and then sign "ouch". So now food, radiators and the oven are told they are "goch" on a regular basis!

She LOVES music, and does a lovely dance, and wiggle of her head whenever she hears any music. Although, she did make me laugh when she was jumping up and down quite energetically to the Foo Fighters the other night! It seems such an easy medium for toddlers to interact with, I hope her love of music continues.

I would love to have the space for a music room in our house, between us we have quite an array of instruments, from drums, djembe, clarinet, guitars, to keyboard and recorders. I would adore to get hold of a cello, one of my life long ambitions is to learn to play the cello, I just love the deep sound that seems to go straight to your heart. But I think the garage is destined to be a play room (interpret that as a WarHammer gaming room!) Do you think we have too many hobbies?!!


  1. Yes, I love it when toddlers start finding words and signals to show what they want. I always think it must be such a breakthrough for them when they say or signal something that is understood and acted upon. How much satisfaction and confidence must it give them to be understood? Minnie loves music, even when DH's mobile rings, she jigs up and down to it with a huge grin on her face. I just want to pause this age for a bit longer. It's tiring, but it's magical too, watching the little person within evolving every day.

  2. You can never have too many hobbies ;-.

    I would love a piano - one day.



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