Monday 3 August 2009

Confidence returned!

I do apologise for my previous post. I occasionally get these moments where I analyse the purpose of everything, even the things that make me happy, and why they make me happy etc. It can get rather depressing. But people have shown me to enjoy the joy, and I have snapped out of my doom and gloom!

So what has been going on? The boys are off school, and we have pretty much stayed at home. They much prefer doing their own thing at home than anything structured outside the home. The most structured thing that has been happening has been walking the dog, invariably in the rain. We attempted a trip to the allotment, amongst lots of complaining from the boys as they had other ideas as to what to do with their time, but the rain moved in again, and we had to abandon our, no, sorry, my plans, but not before getting rather wet!

Alec has had his 8th birthday which was a lovely weekend, birthday on the Saturday with a trip to the Sea-life centre (and yes, we got wet in the rain!) followed by a tea party with family and close friends. Then on the Sunday a Scalextric party with some of his class mates, where the birthday boy always wins! His face was fantastic! Of course, Stuart had to make up the numbers, which he really didn't protest about at all!

Today Stuart wasn't feeling to great (too much party food possibly!) but it meant that the boys were able to do exactly what they wanted. Luke spent time with his mates up the road, lots of WarHammer gaming going on there! Alec played with his birthday presents (a new bike, lots of lego, and a game for the Wii), Ethan and Sophie came with me to a slingmeet at the Nature Centre in Birmingham, and Stuart recovered watching the cricket! The result, everyone was very happy! Topped off with a neighbour bringing an enormous bag of clothes for Sophie that her daughter had grown out of.

My greatest challenge this holiday is trying to keep everyone happy. We have resorted to taking a vote, and the majority gets to do what they want, which will be fine until Sophie gets to express her wants! I am open to any suggestions that may be more effective than voting in trying to meet everyones needs.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better about blogging! Have you looked at The Crafty Crow blog? She features fantastic ideas for young and old. Today the feature is a Clanging Wall (or something like that) where you hang a bunch of noisy pots and such in a row on the garden fence, and everyone gets to clang! clang! clang! With four kids, I remember how hard it was to coordinate the holiday wants and desires - I felt fairly overwhelmed by it! The birthday celebration sounded happy and fun!

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better, it must be hard with 4 children all wanting to do different things - I like the idea of the voting system. Hope you get some time fot "you" aswell.


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