Monday 17 August 2009

Birthday season

The beginning of August sees the beginning of birthday season in our house, with four birthdays happening in the space of 5 weeks. Alec started us off with turning 8, closely followed by me just about staying in my mid thirties. Sophie finishes August off with her first birthday, followed by Luke at the beginning of September with his 11th birthday.

Each birthday is such a milestone for each of us. I forget how independent the older ones are getting, thinking back to my own childhood, and how parents seem to be in the background for much of the time, so looking at my own children I realise I have to start to let them go a bit, have adventures by themselves, which I would love to be part of, but have to realise that it is important that they have their own little independent adventures.

I have my own dreams for the future, that include far more homemade remedies (hence a present of chamomile, lavender and borage from my Mum, and much more reading hoping to improve my parenting skills before it is simply too late!

As for Sophie, I have to remember I have a toddler now, not a baby. I feel guilty when she has been in the sling for too long. She gets restless and wants to be involved with things. She has so much energy, and really is exploring every element of her environment, ie, what it tastes like, can it be moved, can it be climbed on, what happens if you shout at it... you get the picture!

Years seem to go so quickly now, I can only hope that the childrens memories of their childhood and their experiences of day to day life are as long and happy as they should be.


  1. Happy Birthday to you all. We're like that with August. My Mum's today, my Dad's last week, DD's tomorrow and me at the weekend. It's always hectic but fun.

  2. Happy birthday to everyone!

    I just popped in as the blog is called 'Now We Are Six' and we are currently getting ready to turn from five to six. It's nice to know there are other big happy families out there.


  3. Homemade remedies are one of my goals too.
    Happy birthdays!

  4. I can't believe I've only just discovered your blog - it's lovely!!

    August is a big birthday month for us too and yes, I know well that feeling of my 'baby' being a toddler with ideas and opinions of her own!! It's a lovely age, but I do get a bit empty feeling that the baby stage has been and gone! Really lovely blog!

  5. Claire if you ever want any herbs, just let me know as I usually have lots of spare plants or could make some. Do you want me to pot up some SJW plants for you?


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