Sunday 19 August 2012

The Wilderness Festival

Last weekend we went to our first festival with the children.  We went off to the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, the main reason being was Rodrigo y Gabriella were headlining on the Saturday night.  But  there was soo much more to it too.

We were blessed with a wonderful dry weekend, and one of the first things we came across as we walked into the festival village was a skittles alley.  Of course, the children had a go.  The following day just behind this point was a cricket match of sorts.  Umpire in pink tutu and umpires jacket drinking pints, commentator of a hilarious kind, pimms being served along with cucumber sandwiches!  I think cricket would have much more of a following if it was like this more frequently!!
The favourite stall (after the ice cream van that served chocolate and guiness ice cream) was the bubbles store.  All kinds of ways of creating bubbles, surrounded by hoards of children!!
Through out the festival there were all kinds of weiird and wonderful sights!  On Friday there was a Bugsy Malone theme, with Fat Sam wandering around during the day, and a big cabaret show in the evening.  The Saturday night was the masked ball, and there were people walking around in amazing ball gowns!  Oh, and throughout the weekend people were wearing tails (not the top hat and tails kind either!)
One of the highlights was a story walk we went on.  Based on the Brothers Grimm, we were taken into the woods, which were decorated in a wonderfully whimsical way.

We then came across various stories explained to us by one of the brothers Grimm.  Here the wicked witch was trying to entice us with an apple.
Here was a  story about seven brothers turned into ravens, and the children had to play instruments to try and make the ravens arrive.  This was their sister calling for them, very eery!
There was a story of a golden key, created with puppets, and these actors were commendable with how they managed the very cheeky children in the audience.
We also came across Little Red Riding Hood, the seven dwarves, rumpelstiltskin, a woman who made cakes from children (we had to run away quickly!), and finally finished with the story of sleeping beauty.  All so well done, and a real feeling of magic in the woods.

And really brought the stories to life for us all.  I loved how books were used as decorations too.

There was a childrens circus skills tent, where Alec was getting rather good!

And stilts, which we all tried and failed at miserably!
The Rodrigo y Gabriella concert was thoroughly enjoyed, especially by Sophie!

And Ethan got in on the act too.
But it was a long day, and not all of them lasted til the end!
Rejuvinated only slightly, we decided on the Sunday that we would pack up as the effects of having to carry Sophie so much (she isn't a big fan of walking!!) were taking its toll.  However, the boys managed to master hula hooping! 

A wonderfully, wonder-full, wacky and whimsical weekend.  Definitely to be repeated next year!!


  1. Wow! It looks as if you had a fabulous time. I am very jealous ;) Lots of special memories for you all.

  2. Fabulous! It looks amAzing, what a wonderful experience. :)

  3. Wow, that's a weekend you won't forget in a hurry, it looks just magical - Yvonne xx

  4. oh that looks lovely. where in oxfordshire was it? i am an oxfordshire girl and didn't know that was on. looks like you had a fantastic time though!

  5. Fantastic fun Claire, if only we had as much energy as the children! xxx

  6. What a wonderful fun day for your family! Thanks for showing us! I'd love to take my grandsons to something like that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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