Tuesday 21 August 2012

More Taiko

Back in March we saw the Mungenyeko Taiko drummers, and were blown away by them.  Then in May they played Solihull, and we went to see them again.  So imagine my excitement when I heard they were playing a local festival within walking distance of our house! 

This time we were able to take photos as there was no need for flash.  Plus we could get as close as we wanted! 

This one looks absolutely agonising.  It is based on a Japanese carnival procession where the taiko drummers are inside a float in minimal space playing the drums, hence the half  lying down position. 
 The co-ordination is second perfect. 
 Another one that makes my arms ache just by looking at it.  Big drumsticks held aloft, beating on an enormous drum.
 A piece that was more fun and upbeat, and less strenuous too!
 And just a glimpse at the energy these people have!  You can understand why this is part music, part martial art. 
 And Ethan was at the front the whole time, proudly wearing his Taiko t-shirt.  They are really so inspiring, and another reason I want to visit Japan, to see more of this type of stuff, along with a whole host of other things!


  1. Very Cool, we were there at the same time! They were loud, loud, loud! Glad you all had fun, it was brilliant weather for it and overall I thought it was a big success. :) xxx

  2. WOW! They look great....I always love watching (and listening to) any form of synchronised drumming and will certainly look out for these guys :)

  3. Hi Claire just a flying visit to let you know I have nominated you for an award! I will read your post later! Yvonne xx

  4. I love your little one's curly blond hair, it reminds me of my precious grandson Caleb!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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