Friday 9 December 2011

The hazards of being a crafting cat owner

 I seem to have a little helper at the moment, although there have been many moments that have not been caught on camera too!  My latest lot of bunting had some feline help.
 And he also decided to rearrange my fleece!  It makes a very good bed apparently!
 The crocheted blanket is for his use alone.
 And he even started when he was really young, helping me ply some wool!  Wish I had my camera when he was trying to investigate the flyer on the wheel!  Or the time he strewed wool from my stash in the lounge, all the way upstairs into the study!
He's a multi-talented cat!


  1. So funny - I love the shots of him with the sewing machine - and your blanket is fantastic. Sending love xxx

  2. Very cute dog likes to sabotage my crafting, she stops my spinning wheel and nudges me when I crochet. She also loves fleece and sabotages my work by clambering on my lap...cute...but she is a Rottweiler, German Shepherd Cross...not exactly a lap dog :) xxx

  3. The first picture just cracked me up completely, something about the mischievous look in his eyes! What a cat!

  4. Hahah fabulous, love the pics of the cat! and wow your granny stripe is coming along lovely :-) Rye made me giggle he said, "Why does she have MY blanket" so I explained you were making a granny blanket too...a nd he said, "For me?" LOL see all blankets belong to Rye ;-)


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