Saturday 17 December 2011

An apple for the teacher

This morning I learned a lesson.  I spent 10 minutes watching Sophie eating an apple.  She was solely focussed on the apple, turning it over in her hands finding the best spot to take the next bite.  She would peel the skin off with her teeth, slurp the juices, suck at the apple, experiment with different techniques of chewing the apple in her mouth.  It is fair to say she thoroughly enjoyed the apple. 

It got me thinking, how often do I actually sit down and focus on what I am eating.  Usually I pick up some food and eat it whilst busy doing something else.  I remember those times as a child, eating my food so slowly, finding the best place to take a bite from that apple.  Food was truly a pleasure.  Even if I did get told off for "playing" with my food. 

Whilst I have been reading and trying to be mindful of the things I do, it looks like I have the best teacher right here in our midsts. 

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  1. I liken my kids to Zen Masters, they teach me many many lessons, some that I do not wish to be taught! There is nothing like a walk with a child, or the perspective they throw on things. I am also a teacher and learn so much from the kids I spend time can't lesson plan for it, or write a curriculum for it...I loved this post it really makes you think.... :)


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