Monday 26 September 2011

WarHammer Young Bloods

 Luke has been working on this model for the last few months in preparation for a painting competition at the massive Games Workshop exhibition known as Games Day. The competition he was entering was the Young Bloods competition, for those aged 14 and under.
 (apologies for pictures on their sides, my camera got confused!)  The detail he went into was astounding.  So much better than anything Stuart or I could create.  In fact Stuart reckons he is the best painter in the whole of RedWarSoc.

Can you see the purple gem on the leg below, that is all made to look translucent with shading.  And the diamond tapestry down the side is free hand.  When you think the model is about 2 inches high at the most, that is very fine detail, and one very steady hand!
 The word "courage" was also painted freehand, and is about a couple of millimetres high.
 The cape was pretty hard to do, trying to get the shading right.
With all this hard work that he put into it, you can imagine his disappointment when he didn't get through to the second round.  Out of 100 competitors, only 6 got chosen to go through to the second round, this is what Luke was aiming for.  He was truly deflated.  And I honestly think an injustice was done.  Unfortunately we don't know where out of the whole event came, he may well have been 7th but that will never be known.

How do you pick yourself up from this?  How do you support someone when they feel their best is not good enough?  You talk about experience, what you have learned from doing it, and you plan for next year.  Competition is hard, but entering this has really pushed Luke, and he has produced his best work yet.  He likes a challenge, and his painting will always be a winner as far as I am concerned.


  1. I think an injustice was done as well. My son paints figures in this scale. He recently took a silver in juniors at the world expo in Switzerland, he is still home this morning and I had him take a look. He was very impressed by your son's work.

  2. That is amazing...he should be very proud of what he's achieved even if he didn't make the second round.

  3. That is a beautiful work. I'm so sorry to hear of the disappointment. I myself used to enter all sorts of things as a child, and nothing ever became of any of it, and I too was terribly disappointed. I'm afraid it has put me off these days, and I avoid any sort of competition, art, running, anything. I just do it all for myself, but it is hard. Sometimes I am tempted. We all strive to have our efforts acknowledged.
    All the best X


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