Tuesday 27 September 2011

Feeling Frugal

 A trip to the allotment this afternoon gave me this haul!  I had an hour down there, and the whole hour I was harvesting things (there were three plums and a strawberry too, but they got eaten by a certain fruit monster that accompanied me!)  Luke asked me this afternoon how much the allotment cost for the year.  It's £30, and this was really brought home to me today what a saving it is, as we are growing things organically, compare just todays haul with the organic fruit box and veg box we got delivered today for the same price as a year at the allotment!  So not only was I feeling pleased with myself for the amount of produce brought home today (especially given the neglect the allotment has suffered this year), but also very pleased about the money saved.

Combine this with a lovely trip to a charity shop this morning.  Sophie was at pre-school (she has settled in amazingly well!) and I was due to meet up with a friend for us to do some crocheting, however it was such a lovely day she suggested we walk up to this charity shop.  Well, I found some real treasures, a basket of crochet cotton (basket and all!), more cotton thread of the variegated kind, a skirt, jigsaw puzzle and some books, all for £5!

A lovely day from start to finish!


  1. Great thrifting, as they say :)
    When you tot up the cost of weekly veg it does make a huge saving doesn't it. Glad S has settled in - a year makes such a difference. xx

  2. What a great haul! I do love charity shops, we always have a rummage when we go to our local town, theres 5 there, so it can take a while, but we rarely come away with nothing. Do I spy a Worst Witch book? My daughter has just finished the set, she says they are her favourite books so far. Fab harvest of veg too, there really is nothing quite like home grown, they taste so much better even than the organic veg boxes. we are fast using up our onions. I must remember to plant more next year. Lovely to catch up with you again, I especially love the pictures of your beautiful cat! Liz x

  3. Wow well done you, I don't think you can feel too bad about neglecting time down there if the results are still so spectacular! :)

  4. Wonderful frugality! I'm always pleased to harvest and look and see what it saves - always with a tinge of "if only I made more effort" but we do what we can and the effort is worthwhile.

    Great charity bargains, I picked up some 100% wool yarn yesterday - several odd balls for £1 - bargain!

    Glad to read Sophie is settling in well at pre-school xxx


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