Saturday 5 February 2011

"No, Sosie do!"

How many times do I hear this in the course of a day? Sophie is displaying a fiercely independent streak which needs the patience of a saint to honour sometimes, whilst we wait, desperate for the toilet, whilst she unlocks the front door, or she has to make the cup of tea or coffee for Mummy and Daddy.

Her grasp of english is expanding at an amazing rate, and gives us a glimpse into her thinking. Some of the things she comes out with have us in stitches! Things such as
"Oh, where mom gom?" ie Oh where's Mum gone?
"I dow nooooo" I don't know
"titul" tickle
"eggy" egg! In fact the other day, we went to see if the chickens had decided to lay an egg, and there weren't any, so Sophie with arm actions and everything declared "no eggy, oh what an awful day!"
And one for all the breastfeeders to relate to... "me titul mummies feeee" I tickle mummies breast!

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