Friday 11 February 2011

Chinese New Year

Late I know, but I felt I ought to put them here to prove to myself that I do do things with the children so in those dark days that catch me out every now and again, I can remind myself to stop being so full of doom and gloom!

So, last Friday we were joined by a lad from up the road who staying for a sleepover whilst his parents went out. We started with a chinese take away, and then quickly moved on to some crafts. Ethan helped make some chinese lanterns.
We all had a go at writing our names in Chinese.
We made model firecrackers which then ended up being pretend dynamite!
And we played a game with chopsticks,where the had to pick up fluffy balls and put them into a bowl. It reminded us of that scene from Kung-Fu Panda, where the Panda and master were chasing a dumpling around a bowl!

Alec became quite an expert by the end of it!
Unfortuntely that was it. The little boy was suddenly violently sick, and ended up going back home, and my plans for joining in with the celebrations in Birmingham on the Sunday fell flat due to severe lack of enthusiasm from the boys. Well, no-one can say I didn't try!


  1. Looks like they had fun at home x
    Shame about the outdoor celebrations but at least you offered x (hugs)

  2. What a lovely celebration of the chinese new year.
    I feel like a particularly bad mummy as we did nothing, not one thing, and the boys are totally unaware that chinese new year even happened. But then we don't seem to be doing a lot of learning stuff of late.......

  3. How lovely, fab ideas mama. :) Our Chinese New Year was cut short last year by needing to call an ambulance out for Rowan!

    Hang in there when you start to get self-critical, you really are doing a wonderful job. :)


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