Friday 17 July 2009

Things to remember for next year...

Indulge me for a moment, if I write this down on a piece of paper I will have lost it by next year, so I thought this would be the safest place.

Need to plant more peas, more broad beans, more onions, more tomatoes, more spinach.

Need to remember to plant beetroot, garlic, lettuce, spring onions, sunflowers.

Plant chamomile, echinacea, st.john's wort, and other such herbs.

Remember to plant things out sooner, rather than waiting for them to get bigger in little pots, it does not happen!

Do things with the stuff you have picked, and if you don't have time then give it away!

Think about winter crops before it's too late to do anything about it!

This allotment has definitely been a steep learning curve, and one day in the very distant future I WILL have one of those nicely kept allotments, not one where you can't see the crops for the weeds!


  1. i know how you feel, our garden has been a bit hit and miss this year, just a test really to see how we go on ,but i also need to plan better and also research a bit more about pests etc xx

  2. I am the same - just thinking about unpicked broad beans, and checking if our potatoes are ready yet.I am also very bad at harvesting and storing. Mind you I do have a lot not ready yet, and there is still time for winter crops.
    Don't be too hard on yourself - you do have a baby as well as older children. I still find James and gardening are not a good mix yet. I will be doing a lookback post at the end of summer, andI am sure all these things will figure in it. xxx

  3. Great idea to post this on your blog, I might do the same. I've had too many distractions this year and haven't kept on top of sowing, etc ... there's always next year!


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