Sunday 10 May 2009

What have you started?

Claire what have you done? Claire from Border Stories has introduced Free Food Friday, and whilst I'm never organised enough to do it on a Friday, it has got me looking in the hedgerows, and I whilst down the allotment digging up some nettles the other day, I brought some home for nettle soup. Truly delicious, Sophie and I tucked in for lunch two days on the trot, and I now have a recipe for nettle fritters too, so guess what's for lunch next week!

Yesterday, whilst walking around the football field trying to get Sophie to sleep in the sling, whilst Alec was trying out his first attempt at football training, I was noting down some blackthorn bushes, which will hopefully give rise to plenty of sloes come Autumn, and an elder bush, with blossoms very close to opening, so elderflower cordial here we come! All I need to find now is some wild garlic, as there a recipes aplenty for garlic bread, soup, etc. I guess some more scouring of our local wilderness is required!

I am awaiting a parcel of beeswax to finish off my comfrey nappy balm, that has been sat in a cupboard for a couple of weeks. I'll hopefully be able to tell you about that next week!

More progress down at the allotment this week, with the runner beans going in, and some more ground cleared for hopefully the purple sprouting. Also got around to sowing pumpkin, courgette, and cucumber in the mini green house, along with some naturtium and calendula saved from seeds from last year. The school that Alec and Ethan go to have just started their own veg garden, and are willing to take some of the extra seedlings of purple sprouting. Although the amount of extras that we have, I think we could feed the school a few times over!

Luke has been put forward to take his grade one drum exam, so he is now angling for a drumkit! Might have to be an early birthday present, along with ear plugs for us and the neighbours! He has also been identified as gifted and talented for English and Maths, which has boosted his confidence even further to become an author. A good week for him!


  1. Sounds like you are really getting on well at the lottie - You can never really have too much psb :)
    Its a pity we don't live closer, as there is a drum kit sitting in our loft. K decided to learn guitar instead (depsite doing his music standard grade on drums) xx

  2. The ironic thing is I donated my drumkit to the school Luke goes to last summer, as we needed the space due to a loft conversion. So he is actually taking his drum lessons on my old kit! Hopefully we'll get him something slightly smaller than that 6-shell kit I had though!


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