Sunday 31 May 2009

Some introductions

Now that I can do pictures, I thought I should introduce you to a few things and people.





Hetty - our top hen, and most prolific layer

Little is in the background, our friendliest chicken

Betty was being a little shy!

And this is the view of the allotment from my favourite breastfeeding post, sat on top of some pallets!


  1. wonderful photos, gorgeous children
    is your allotment far from where you live ?

  2. great photos, beautiful children, love the hen ladies, good looking lottie - so glad to see them all. xxx

  3. The allotment is about 10 minutes walk, which is just enough time to get Sophie asleep in the pushchair!

    As for it looking good, you haven't seen the wild bits behind me or the bottom plot! But it's looking tonnes better than when we took it on, which is always a bonus!

  4. Just saying hello! Followed you link on the mother mag email group! Nice to meet you all :)

  5. Hi Claire, I noticed you joined my blog followers today and wondered whereabouts in the country you were. We've started a Mercian Herb Group which meets in Balsall Common which I thought you might enjoy. Let me know if you want further details.

  6. Ethan and Sophie are sooo grown up - when did that happen? I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to catch up when I was back - things were somewaht chaotic and pretty stressful with my dad. Most of our time was spent just with family. LOVE your chickens! x

  7. PS thanks for the tip with the egg yolks - found another use last night - on top of Craig's pizza!

  8. I found your blog through Jacqui's blog and hope it is ok if I follow along? I love to visit with other moms who have 4 children!



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