Tuesday 3 February 2009

Catching up

My goodness, where does time go? It's nearly a month since my last post, apologies.

Betty has had us all worried, with her moping around the garden all this last week. Took her to the vets, and the vet was also a keeper of chickens, so did a heavily discounted rate (always worth knowing!). He drew up some anti-biotics for us to administer to her by injection. Now I'm only just getting used to handling the chickens, let alone injecting them! He reassured me it was easy, and with Stuarts help it went ok, but I didn't like the idea of wielding a hypodermic needle around! The good news is she seems to be on the mend, there were a few mornings when I opened the hen house and I thought I would find her perished, but she seems to be made of strong stuff. Still don't know what she was fighting off, the vet ruled out egg perotinitis, which is what I was worried about (a broken egg inside of her that gets infected).

Oh, and whilst on the subject of chickens, Hetty is now laying regularly, and the boys are thrilled to be eating "Hetty eggs".

What about the children, all I seem to have posted about recently is chickens. Well, Luke got a head teachers commendation for a mosque that he built for a presentation. Apparently he is the first boy in the school to have got one since Christmas! Sophie is tentatively trying her first solids ( a bit of a mish mash of BLW and spoon fed weaning, which she is definitely getting the hang of, but the faces she pulls are quite hilarious!) She is also beginning to get slightly mobile with a combination of rolling, wiggling and "swimming" across the floor. I am going to have to get sooooo organised to get all the little bits out of her way otherwise we may have some "interesting" nappies!! Alec and Ethan have been their usual happy selves, but found the recent snow a little too cold for their liking!

Stuart has found his firebowl to be a great excuse to buy marshmallows, and toasting them out in the garden, but the chickens straw has dwindled very quickly, as it apparently make very good tinder!!

I am owing some posts regarding being tagged by Jo, and a tree of happiness by Moon Mumma and Joxy. I will address all of these in the next post!

I also realise I owe you all some pictures of many things. I will ask Stuart to give me a tutorial on uploading them, as I've been taking loads of photos in anticipation of getting them blogged, so please be patient.


  1. Glad to see you back in blogland. Great news that Betty is well. Will just ate a bowl of stew tonight ( i filled the spoon and he wielded it) so I am hoping for a non 5 am wake up tomorrow. He also had a banana from frais. Goodness me what a mess - he was straight in the bath afterwards.
    Well done to Luke btw.
    Take care

  2. Hi Claire - glad things are going well with the hens and that Betty is ok. I remember taking one of our 1st hens for weekly steroid injections for a month - it's like having more children - maybe you should rename your blog lol. Well done to you son and good luck with blw - it's great fun. xx

  3. Hi Claire - great to be able to catch up on all your news now. How exciting it must have been to get the chickens! I really thought we were going to get them once we got over here but I think we'll need to wait for a little while until we know we are settled! Two children are really quite portable - chickens I'm not so sure! x


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