Friday 9 January 2009

An Egg!!!!!

Poor Betty, I bet she wondered what was happening to her today. She didn't come out the hen house at all this morning, and I was getting rather worried about her. She seemed perky enough inside, but I was worried about her, and started reading up on lots of nasty things that could be wrong with her (which scared me even more!) By the time I went out to Toddlers she was just poking her head out the door. I thought perhaps the terrorising that Little had been dealing out had got to her, but I was wrong.

When we returned from picking the boys up from school, she was strutting around with Hetty and Little, and I just took one look at her and thought there may have been some developments! Her comb and wattles were no longer pink and droopy, but red. So I went to the hen house, and sure enough there was an egg! Not in the nesting box, but between the roosting bars, and the shell was rather soft, and therefore had broken and spilled its contents. However, it was an egg none-the-less, and I am so proud of her! I just wish I could explain to each of them what is happening to them, although I am sure Mother Nature will step in and guide them.


  1. Wayhay! Well done Betty! I think when ours got a shock once from thunder and lightning or loud wind, the shell was soft but they got used to it and lots of lovely hard-shelled eggs now. But it's so exciting when they do lay! xxx

  2. We have no more since :( but it doesn't stop me from looking! Trouble is, now they are free-ranging round the garden, if they do start laying, where will they do it!

  3. He he. A friend of ours has to go hunting in the hedgerows right down the lane looking for her eggs! Oh to have your own hens, it must be so much fun :)

    I have a tree of happiness award on my blog for you.


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