Wednesday 15 October 2008

A trip out

Along with my Mum and Sophie we went on a trip to Birmingham today. My aim was to pay a visit to my favourite shop (Shared Earth) to perhaps do a little Christmas shopping, and to find some birthday presents for Alec to take to parties he has been invited to. It certainly lived up to my hopes, and it also encouraged my dream to possibly, one day open my own Fairtrade shop but with the addition of a Fairtrade Cafe on the premises as well.

A great find amongst the little farmers market that was also being held today was a bag of quinces. Added to my own harvest I am looking forward to making jars of rosy pink quince jam. The kitchen is currently smelling of the sweet ripe aroma of these lovely, often neglected fruit.

We also found some honey comb, which I indulged in so that the boys could taste what it was like. This consolidated some questions Luke had following a viewing of Bear Grylls on tv the other night!

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