Friday 17 October 2008

Making clothes more interesting

For quite a while now I had been meaning to try my hand at tie-dying. I meant to do it as an activity with the boys during the summer holidays, but they were always too busy playing with their friends. So I decided to do it as an activity for me. I had kept one of Luke's old school polo shirts, and had some white babygro's given to me for Sophie.

It was lovely unfurling the clothes once they had finished dyeing, and to see what effect I had created. We now have some fantastic tie-dyed clothes, and a friend has asked me to do some as a gift for someone she knows. I can see this becoming rather addictive, and any plain bit of material had better watch out! Luke was rather disappointed that I had not waited for him, so we now have to keep a look out for some clothes for him to have a go at too!

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