Tuesday 11 September 2012

And the birthday season comes to a close

Luke brings the family birthday season to a close.  Always an affair slightly overshadowed by the return to school, and this year slightly overshadowed by the fact his presents were delayed!  But he was very understanding and was not left completely present-less. 

14 now, on the cusp of turning into a man.  So many changes that these next few years will bring, but still so wonderful to see our little boy Luke when he is relaxed at home.
 As is tradition, I made him a cake.  I wasn't that happy with it, as it didn't turn out how I wanted it too, and looks obvious that I was really tired!!  However, Luke liked it, and that's what matters!  (By the way it is paints and paint brushes if you were unsure!)
 So, after a day at school, we had a chinese takeaway as per Luke's request, and then they had to burn off their MSG fuelled madness!  What better way than on the trampoline!  That's Luke's legs, he is the most sensitive of the lot of them, and it really is quite amusing just seeing how silly he gets!! 
Luke's hoard of WarHammer turned up the next day, much to his delight, and he now has a full Ork army to construct and paint.  One happy 14 year old indeed!!


  1. I love hearing about your brood. That is a great photograph of 'Lukes Legs' and his brother laughing at him! Belated Happy birthday Luke and I hope you spend many happy an hour with that 'Ork Army'. :)

  2. Aw, he looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself and his lovely birthday cake! Belated birthday wishes to Luke :)


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