Wednesday 9 September 2009

And the rollercoaster carries on!

A week after Stuart's operation, his Mum had to go in for a routine op. No problems there, it went as planned. However, Stuart phoned his Dad to see how he was, as he gets nervous when in the house by himself. Stuart felt his Dad was not sounding right, so made his way over to see him. On spending a couple of hours with him he felt he needed to see a doctor, so the GP came to the house, who then called the paramedics to admit him to hospital with suspected pneumonia.

Well, the week has had its lows, with concerns over Stuart's Dad, trying not to let Stuart overdo things, and exhaustion creeping in with trying to hold everything together. There have been highs too, this time Luke's birthday (although quieter than he would have liked, and marred by the return to school on the same day), joy that Stuart's Dad has responded well to antibiotics, and a chance to see family as Stuart's sister and family arrived with Jessie to visit and see the poorly crowd!

Stuart's Dad has now been discharged, a little too soon I feel as they do not see to have recognised the needs of Stuart's Mum who is recovering from her op, and whilst she is very stoic, she too is elderly and treading a fine line between health and illness. Therefore it has fallen to Stuart to try and ease the situation. Family is everything to him, which is one of his wonderful qualities, but I do worry that he will hamper his own recovery. I am hoping things will calm down soon, although I said that last week, and look what happened!


  1. Hi - so glad all your invalids are slowly rcovering. It has obviously been a very difficult time for you - it is hard when parents seem so vulnerable. Sending some calm waves down to you xxx

  2. Hopefully things will calm down for you now - don't forget yourself in all this too xxx

  3. Ohhh that is good Stuart's dad has been discharged - although does seem a little premature in light of the his mum's recovery too :(


  4. Our thoughts have been with you this week. Take care of yourself too. xx

  5. Thank you for all your hugs positive thoughts. I spoke too soon though. Stuart's mum has now been admitted with heart problems and a severe UTI. My poor husband is torn between pillar and post, and has seen the children for about 5 minutes in the last 48 hours.


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