Friday 28 November 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Things have been a little on the hectic side recently. I have had some coffee mornings to do, which whilst poorly attended, did generate quite a bit of trade, so there'll be a few more Fairtrade Christmas presents being given out this year, which can't be bad.

I have lots of crafting ahead of me, which I would normally enjoy, but Sophie seems to be sleeping far less now, so it's late at night I am trying to get things done, and I keep going cross-eyed with tiredness! I will have to reign in my ideas a bit and try to be a bit more realistic as to what I can achieve with four children!

We are all getting excited about spending some time in Wales with family over the Christmas period, it really will feel very Christmassy.

An unusual thing happened the other day. Luke came home from school and said that the deputy head had read out in assembly a poem by "Lily Usher" from Wales. And promptly read out a poem she had written about a Tsunami. Luke told his teacher that this was his cousin! What are the chances of that, Lily will be chuffed when we tell her.

The poem is this:

There came a wave like a great hand,
Grabbing everything on the land,
Its fingers of foam, circling round,
Uprooting trees, raising homes to the ground,
It aimed its fist at everything in sight,
Nothing could survive this dreadful might,
People ran in and out in time with the tide,
Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide,
The hand was born in the belly of the ocean,
Fed by plates creating the potion,
It grew in fury, it grew in power,
The anger to be unleashed within the hour,
No one new what was on the way,
People were working, children at play,
A shriek of surprise as somebody saw,
A huge wall of white horses galloping ashore,
The beasts dissolved under the heat,
Sweeping hundreds of thousands off their feet,
There was crashing and crunching and tearing apart,
Seeping its way into everyone’s heart,
Lives were lost, bodies found,
Brutally killed by a hungry hound,
When the punch came with the force of an army,
The few that survived understood the meaning of ‘Tsunami’

Well, Sophie is asleep, so I'd best get going and do some more "stuff"

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